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A Recipe

[This essay was originally one of three contest entries for the Wipout Contest of 15 MAR 2002. The purpose of the contest was to give people a chance to express views not allowed by the WIPO in its own essay contest. The Wipout Contest organizers put it best:
What is [the Wipout Contest]?

In March 2001, the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) launched an international student essay competition. Students were asked to submit essays with the title 'What does intellectual Property mean to you in your daily life?'. It is obvious that WIPO are expecting a number of self-congratulatory essays detailing the plentiful benefits of intellectual property (IP). Anyone who writes an essay which says that IP means:
“I can't purchase anti-HIV drugs because of patent law
“as a farmer, I can't get access to patent-protected seeds for planting
“as a teacher, I can't distribute materials to my students due to copyright restrictions
is unlikely to win a prize from WIPO, no matter how well argued or valid their essay was.

If there are enough people who want to write such essays, there should be a place where they can submit them. And so we at Wipout have organised a counter-essay contest. We are using the same title as the WIPO contest, but we encourage slightly more critical responses to the question of how intellectual property affects us all in our daily lives.

What this contest is not.

The organisers of Wipout are not campaigning for the abolition of intellectual property. We appreciate that there would be much less worthwhile IP created without some form of incentive for individuals and corporations. Many of the organising committee are authors and artists themselves and so have some interest in there being some level of IP protection. We are NOT against IP in itself. This essay contest is about the current over-protection of IP. We are strongly opposed to the excessive protection of IP and how it is accorded trumping power over other values and social priorities such as access to medicines, to education, and to the sharing of ideas and information.
This copy of the text may vary slightly from the version submitted for the contest. The original website has been offline since sometime in 2004.

This particular essay is the most abstract of the three submissions. In many ways it is the most insightful of the essays, but perhaps it is a little ahead of its time.]

A Recipe

#include <flour>
#include <baking_powder>
#include <salt>
#include <sugar>
#include <egg>
#include <milk>
#include <butter>

#define CUP = 8 //Measure in ounces
#define TABLESPOON = 0.5 //Measure in ounces
#define TEASPOON = 0.33 //Measure in ounces

int multiserv = 1; //Multiplier for more servings
char mixture = NULL; //The ingredients combined
char bowl1 = NULL; //Bowls for mixing
char bowl2 = NULL;
boolean smooth = FALSE; //Condition of mixture
boolean bubbles = FALSE; //Are there bubbles?
boolean ready = FALSE; //Is it cooked?

# Measure the ingredients

flour = flour * 1.5 * CUP * multiserv;
baking_powder = baking_powder * 3.5 * TEASPOON * multiserv;
salt = salt * 0.75 * TEASPOON * multiserv;
sugar = sugar * 2 * TABLESPOON * multiserv;
butter = butter * 3 * TABLESPOON * multiserv;
milk = milk * 1.75 * CUP * multiserv;
egg = 1;

# Mix the ingredients

bowl1 = combine (flour, baking_powder, salt, sugar);

bowl2 = combine (egg, milk, butter);

mixture = combine (bowl1, bowl2);

until (smooth == TRUE){
beat (mixture); //Beat mixture until smooth

# Cook the ingredients

heat (griddle);

if (griddle == hot){
drop (mixture * 0.25 * CUP, griddle); //Drop batter onto griddle

if (bubbles == TRUE) {
flip (pancake); //Flip pancake when ready

# Keep flipping until done

until (ready == TRUE) {
wait (2); //Wait for 2 minutes
flip (pancake);

serve (pancake);

This is a pancake recipe. Or is it a program? I am not sure... I thought that recipes were not subject to copyright, though...

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