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Are Region Codes Racist?

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This is the third of a few articles I submitted to Greplaw over the last couple of years. I am planning on revising the whole set based on the comments I got from that discussion. There were many useful ones. This article is the last of the three that were not transitory in nature. This article was originally posted on Monday December 15, 2003.

This article pertains to a more specific issue than the others. It is about the region locking DRM scheme used on DVDs. Region locking is a method the movie industry uses to keep the prices of DVDs artificially high in countrys where people have more money to spend. Basically, the movie industry does not want everyone paying third world prices. They have made some arbitrary decisions about who belongs in what group, and if they are not racist, they certainly show a large degree of classism and preference for some groups over others.

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