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Project News

July 2007

I have updated the website and the license. The license is now upgraded to the GPLv3, and I hope for once that I am not in the minority in using this license. It is my sincere hope that the GPLv3 will help rid the world of the greedy machinations of certain corporations with large legal budgets and evaporating markets.

April 2007

I have updated the script. There are many small enhancements. Unfortunately, I have not kept very good track of them, so, I guess users will just have to discover them on their own. I have finally included the GPL text in the package.

March 2007

I have been working steadily on the script, and there have been many improvements. However, this update is an announcement of a new projectish sort of thing. I have created a small site (attached to this one) which is basically the demonstration of an idea for obtaining millions or more photographs for the Internet every year. The site is here. And a description of the idea and its origin is here.

October 2006

I suppose this "release" is mostly bugfixes and the like. Much new fuctionality has been added. The <gutenberg /> tag now works much better, and few options have been added. The function of paragraphization has been added to the tag. Paragraphization is a form of automagic guessing done by the program to determine where paragraphs end. In the Project Gutenberg texts, the paragraphs are separated by blank lines. However, many texts -- notably texts derived from PDFs (Ugh!) -- are rendered one paragraph per line or near indented somehow. This scheme attempts to guess based on punctuation where the ends of paragraphs are. This functionality can be enabled by setting: paragraphization="other" in the <gutenberg /> tag. In addition, the attribute can be set to "play" in order to handle things such as Shakespeare plays.

June 2006

I have compiled several books using the new system. I have also reworked some of the code to be more flexible. However, this new code means that some of the old functionality will be disabled. I have not managed to update every section of the code. The text files and tags for the text files will be posted on the tag definition page. For now, I will post the source code to parse the tag as well. I may move it to a new page in the future.

May 2006

UPDATE: I have contacted Michael Hart, the founder of Project Gutenberg, and asked him if the invetion of a meta tag for gutenberg etexts, might be appropriate. He was quite enthusiastic (or at least more so than expected) and asked if I might flesh out the idea further and provide some examples. The examples are on this page. I, of course, welcome any comments or criticisms. Check the "Contact" page for details on how to contact me. END UPDATE

In response to problems posed by Yochai Benkler's The Wealth of Networks(my version here), the script has been updated significantly. A new experimental table of contents generator has been added which orders the contents of the book more properly, adds headers for macrodivisions (book, part, etc...), and allows a new expanded table of contents which includes subsection headings. This allows the reader to jump straight into the section the reader was formerly in the last time the browser was switched off or to navagate to any part of the book the reader might find interesting.

I have also created a compilable version of the book. That version is here. The actual tarball is here.

The new code is experimental, and will be disabled by default. It will only be enabled in wealthofnetworks.tar.bz2. To enable it, $experiment in the body section of sub contentshtmlizer() needs to be set to "test". Any other setting will disable the new code. This new code is also limited to spelled and arabic numerals and subheaders (titles of chapters/divisions) that are on the same line as the name of the chapter or division itself.

February 2006

The Philosophy and Contact sections have been added (finally). Many essays still remain to be written, but there is still plenty to read for now.

December 2005

I have reworked the site to use my website generation script that is derived from the LIBREria script. I will soon include a download of this simple script on this site. This will make it easier to update and have things like this news page. I have also (finally) made arrangements for a contact page, which will be added within the next few days. Hopefully, with all of this automation, I will be more inclined to post updates more often:)

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