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Download the LIBREria HTML Rendering Project.

Archive Contents:
  • libreria.pl:
  • The script itself.

  • alice30.txt:
  • Project Gutenberg's Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. This text file is here as a demonstration. libreria.pl is already set to use this text. If you want to use another text, copy it into the directory and a) type:
    perl libreria.pl alice30.txt
    (CHAPTERTYPE is the name for the chapters in the book: Chapter, CHAPTER, Stave, Part, etc.) or b) edit the variables under:
    # ==================================
    # Text entry for book attributes
    # ==================================
    in the libreria.pl script.

  • README.txt:
  • A description similar to this page of what the archive contains and how to use the script.

  • LICENSE.txt:
  • A copy of the GPLv3, the current license for this work.

  • gpl-3.0.txt:
  • A copy of the GPLv3, the current license for this work.

  • tag_definition.html:
  • A description of the <gutenberg /> meta tag for entry of book attributes.

  • themes/header.html:
  • The header file to be used for every page except for the Table of Contents. This should be adjusted to one's preferences.

  • themes/contents-header.html:
  • This header file only affects the Table of Contents (as the file name implies).

  • themes/footer.html:
  • This file will be appended to the bottom of every page generated by the script. Adjust at will.

  • themes/*.css:
  • These are a bunch of random themes I made to test the script. They can obviously be changed. The script now (as of Fall 2005) automagically recognizes .css files and adds them to a table of themes. All that is necessary is that the .css file and any images are present in the themes/ directory when the script searches.

This site was generated with a derivative of the LIBREria script.
It was last updated on 2007:07:18.

Creative Commons License
This website and all works within it (except for the scripts themselves) are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.