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Download the LIBREria HTML Rendering Project.
This is the collection of scripts and images and CSS themes that generate an HTML version of Lawrence Lessig's Free Culture. This version of Free Culture is themeable (and, indeed, already has been themed, if such a thing can be said) and very PDA friendly.
  1. Unpack the archive:

    • In Linux/Unix/MacOS:
    • Type:
      sh> tar -zxvf freeculture.tar.bz2
    • In Windows:
    • Use WinZip

  2. Invoke the script:

    • In Linux/Unix/MacOS:
    • Type:
      sh> cd freeculture
      sh> perl make-freeculture.pl
    • In Windows:
      • Use the terminal:
      • Type:
        1. C:\> cd wherever\you\put\it\
        2. wherever\> cd freeculture
        3. freeculture\> perl make-freeculture.pl


      • Use the Run Dialog:
      • perl C:/wherever/freeculture/make-freeculture.pl
Note: Windows users will need to install Perl if they have not already done it. Perl is installed by default on real OSes.

Archive Contents:
  • Perl Scripts:

    • make-freeculture.pl:
    • This is the main script. It separates the chapters and sections of the book and formats the book in nice HTML.

    • strip-freeculture.pl:
    • This runs before the rest of the book processing and strips the text file of certain regularly occurring anomolies.

    • notes-parser.pl:
    • This parses and formats the file notes.txt into HTML.

    • notes-linker.pl:
    • This script adds hyperlinks to words or phrases in the notes.html file.

  • Text Files:

    • freeculture-contents.txt:
    • The file from which freeculture-contents.html was created. The latter was created by hand and does not need to be edited again.

    • freeculture-notes.txt:
    • The file that notes-parser.pl uses to generate notes.html. If you want to edit the notes at all, this is the file to edit.

    • links.txt:
    • This file contains words or phrases to be linked in notes.html and URLs corresponding to those items. Any words or phrases in this file will be italicized in the notes file.

    • links-names.txt:
    • This is a list of people's names and not to be italicized titles.

    • freeculture-new.txt:
    • The text file from which this version of the book was originally created. This version is unedited (mostly) and is not used by the script. If you want to modify the text, freeculture-new-edit.txt is the file to use.

    • freeculture-new-edit.txt:
    • This is the version of the text of Free Culture that has been edited for better parsing. Certain things which are difficult to parse have been removed, and simplified tags for images and HTML for tables have been added.

    • freeculture-stripped.txt:
    • This is the version produced by strip-freeculture.pl. If you are going to edit the text, freeculture-new-edit.txt is the one to use as this file will be overwritten when make-freeculture.pl is executed.

  • HTML Files:

    • freeculture-contents.html:
    • This file was created by hand from freeculture-contents.txt. Edit at will.

    • header-freeculture.html:
    • This is the header file which will be copied to all web pages generated by make-freeculture.pl. Edit this for global header changes.

    • footer.html:
    • This is the footer file which will be copied to all web pages generated by make-freeculture.pl. Edit this for global footer changes.

    • notes.html:
    • This file is generated by notes-parser.pl from freeculture-notes.txt. If you want to change the notes (except for changing the links), change the text file.

    • notes-linked.html:
    • This file is generated by notes-linker.pl. If you want to change the notes, edit freeculture-notes.txt. If you want to change the links, edit links.txt (for italicized titles) or links-names.txt (for non-italicized titles and names).

  • Text Files in images-freeculture:

  • These files all correspond to the images with the same names. They are automagically included if, and only if, they exist as a caption below the small image of the same name in the text. Edit or add these files to create captions for images in the text.

  • themes/*.css:

  • These are a bunch of random themes I made to test the script. They can obviously be changed. Make sure to add them to the header and footer files, though.

This site was generated with a derivative of the LIBREria script.
It was last updated on 2007:07:18.

Creative Commons License
This website and all works within it (except for the scripts themselves) are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.